Saturday, August 27, 2005

Portable Recorded Satellite Radio Gets Sirius

Tom's Hardware Guide reports that starting in October, Sirius subscribers will be able to time-shift satellite radio on the go. Sirius will offer the S50 portable music receiver at $359.99 with the home docking station an additional $99.99. Sirius' monthly subscription fee is $12.95.

The player can only receive satellite signals when connected to either a car or home docking station and records via the on-board flash memory.

Harry Wang at Parks Associates, said, "At $360, plus an extra $100 for the (home) docking station this is too expensive. I doubt this is a positive move for Sirius."

Wang added "there is some overlap of MP3 users and satellite radio users, but I suspect that the interest is not very high -- perhaps 20%." Wang thought the "S50's reliance upon its docking station to receive programs" was an inconvenience and counter to the portable music player usage model. "With music players, consumers like to be in the driver seat," said Wang.

I have to agree with Wang. $360 plus another $100 is not going to draw in the crowds, especially for consumers that already own an MP3 player. The monthly subscription fee of $12.95 won't help either since portable music player owners are price sensitive to rates over $10 a month Parks Associates found...