Friday, August 26, 2005

6 Days and Counting: PSP Poised to Take Off in Europe

MCV looks at the impending launch of the Sony PSP in Europe in six days time. Retailers are hoping the launch of the long-awaited device with its "massive £10m cross-media marketing campaign" will be a hit during the upcoming holiday selling season.

The article touches on the PSP's main competition, the Ninetendo DS, which a Sony exec dismisses as targeted at Pokemon-loving boys and girls. The exec goes on to talk smack about the DS' technical features, such as the touchscreen, which he deems a "gimmick" and potentially detrimental to the "long-lasting appeal of the platform."

However, Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter believes both devices will have their place in the market. “Longterm, I see DS expanding Nintendo's demographic upward to the high teens. I see Sony’s PSP expanding the ‘mobile’ demographic to the 30s. Both will expand the overall market by providing an outlet for gameplay beyond the home or office."

Right now, Nintendo is delivering innovative content for the DS that takes advantage of its "gimmick", while Sony is not levaging the full capabilities of the PSP. The PSP has a lot of potential and that is why I believe Pachter is right when he says it will expand the "mobile demographic" to the 30s. I'd go out on a limb and say 40s for us folks who got our first taste of video gaming with Pong and Atari. With that said, Sony needs to start delivering more engaging titles to market otherwise the PSP might gain dust on my son's shelf...