Monday, August 15, 2005

Mobility Driving the Real Time Enterprise

Tim Bajarin at Creative Strategies posts a lengthy discourse on the Technology Pundits blog about how and why mobile and wireless technology are critical for finally achieving the business holy grail - the real time enterprise. Bajarin believes the "overall business market will be changed for good as people work with and react to information and customer demands in real time."

Bajarin writes that:

One of the main missing pieces in helping real time technology become a major force in enterprise computing has been the relatively slow data links that have existed for wireless data transmissions. And, very few of the major enterprise applications themselves have been optimized to take full advantage of a mobile and wireless environment. Thankfully, a real transformation is taking place as mobile and wireless technologies are being re-tooled to reflect new devices and new wireless networks. The biggest development is in the wireless infrastructure itself. After years of promising high speed wireless transmissions, the carriers are finally starting to roll out true 3G networks delivering speeds from 400 kps to1.5 MBPS and once in place and optimized these 3G networks will become even faster over time.
Bajarin also notes that it's on the back-end where work still needs to be done. This is where the software companies need to step up the pace if the real time enterprise is to become a reality.
The software industry realizes that the concept of working with data that is always current and up-to-date, and more importantly, information that would give them an edge in being able to meet customer’s needs in real time, are driving this move towards eventually delivering a real time enterprise system and they are working on multiple ways to manage and update data in real time across applications and databases.
So the big question is, can the software industry finally deliver on the promise of enterprise mobility?