Friday, August 12, 2005

The Potential for Ring-Back Tones

Ring-back tones and the ability to further customize the mobile user experience is reported on by the Lexington Herald-Leader. The article writes that "T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless have both introduced services that allow subscribers to select the sound their callers hear while waiting for an answer. Sprint Corp.'s wireless division also plans to start selling ring-back tones by the end of the year."

The article notes that Jupiter's Julie Ask tried out Verizon's service in April and chronicled her experiences in her blog. At first "many of her callers hung up without leaving a message" she posted. Ask added, "I'm happy to report that my mother only called four times before giving up. She finally left a message at the office and suggested that there was something wrong with my phone."

According to Ask, once her friends understood the service they became more interested although they became bored hearing the same song over and over again, leading Ask to make additional purchases.

The carriers and music industry are hoping that other cell phone users will feel the same way and customize ring-back tones for different callers. While many gadget geeks have figured out how to put ring-tones on their phone, I haven't seen anyone do it for ring-backs yet, which might make it a better business in the long run...