Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Mobile Users Are Less Mobile

EETimes reports on a recent study by Strategy Analytics, which found mobile users in Western Europe weren't that mobile after all. According to the study, "almost two-thirds of all wireless voice and data minutes are used either at work or at home."

Not surprisingly, the study also found that users were increasingly reliant on "mobile phones for all manner of information, particularly among business users."

"The business user is more than twice as likely to carry the mobile phone than a notebook when away from the desk. Naturally, these mobile workers are keenly interested in expanding both voice and e-mail/PIM access to their preferred device," said David Kerr at Strategy Analytics.

The survey found great interest in mobile data. Cliff Raskind at Strategy Analytics added, "Certain user segments have an almost insatiable appetite for connectivity and enhanced access to critical productivity applications while at work, at home and on the move."