Thursday, June 28, 2007

June 28 Roundup

When the iPhone was first announced at the beginning of the year, I had no interest in purchasing one because I mainly use my Samsung Blackjack smartphone to check work email and surf a variety of internet sites for sports scores, news and other stuff. Moblie multimedia? No interest.

However, after being innundated with iPhone news this week I'm getting more and more intrigued with joining the herds tomorrow evening at my local Apple store to get my hands on one. However, common sense tells me to wait it out until they have a 3G version with more features and functions that I need.

Anyhoo, analysts in the news for June 28:

  • IdaRose Sylvester at IDC about They Made Me Do It! Consumer Semi Girl Bows to Pressure to Talk about iPhone
  • Julie Ask at JupiterResearch about Verizon's iPlan
  • Ian Fogg at JupiterResearch about More Dissatisfied Smartphone Customers to Target
  • Ross Rubin at NPD Group about Where the iPhone turns a blind i
  • Mark Kirstein at iSuppli about Video to Drive Premium Mobile Content Market to Double by 2011
  • Bryan Ma at IDC, Jack Gold at J. Gold Associates and Stephen Baker at NPD Group via Computerworld about Is there a teeny next-gen laptop in your future?
  • Michael Gartenberg at JupiterResearch and Roger Entner at IAG Research via Cox News about iPhone a top-secret jewel for AT&T
  • Charles Golvin at Forrester and Michael Gartenberg at JupiterResearch via about Some experts advise iPhone buyers to wait
  • Ovum analyst Jeremy Green via IT Week about Vodafone launches mobile security system
  • Matthew Hatton at Yankee Group and Strategy Analytics' Phil Kendall and Neil Mawston via CNN/Money about No Word On iPhone's Europe Distributor, Sparking Speculation
  • Neil Strother at JupiterResearch, Gartner analyst Carolina Milanesi and David Garrity at Dinosaur Securities via Investor's Business Daily about Nokia Pushes High End In iPhone Era
  • Phillip Redman at Gartner via Network World about Sprint and Verizon Wireless set to battle Apple iPhone fervor
  • Shaw Wu at American Technology Research via DETROIT FREE PRESS about Stores brace for madness as geeked techies chase iPhone
  • Vincent Poulbere at Ovum, Niek van Veen at Forrester Research and Thomas Husson at JupiterResearch via RED HERRING about Europe Out in iPhone Cold
  • Citigroup’s Michael Rollins via Barron’s Online Tech Trader Daily about Sprint: Citi Downgrades To Hold; Stock Slumps

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