Thursday, May 17, 2007

AT&T offers mobile backup solution

I've gotten the daily roundup compilation down pat so I'm going to try to re-introduce some commentary back into the blog when time allows. Since I work for a backup company, this The Boy Genius Report about AT&T offering a mobile backup solution got me interested.

I know other carriers offer over the air backup of contact info for consumers, so I was wondering where else mobile backup can work, especially from a power user/business user standpoint.

I sync my Samsung Blackjack Windows Mobile 5 handset with my company's Exchange server for contacts, calendar, and email so for me a mobile backup agent doesn't seem necessary for this type of data.

However, I would like to protect other mobile content and apps, system state info, etc in case of disaster (i.e. break or lose phone). I currently back up this data to my phone's microSD memory card, but if you lose the phone, most likely you lose the backup too.

So is there an OTA backup service for this? Is there even a market? How about for the enterprise?

One problem I can see from a provider standpoint is having to support the varius OS platforms and then specific manufactureres and handsets which makes development a pain.

Any thoughts?