Monday, July 10, 2006

Juniper Research: US and Japan to Lead Mobile TV Market, Contributing to Worldwide Revenues of $11.7bn by 2011

According to Juniper Research, Broadcast Mobile TV is predicted to "reach revenues of $11.7bn worldwide by 2011. Japan is predicted to lead the market with revenues reaching $2.9bn and the US will follow closely at $1.8bn. The UK is also predicted to be a key market at $989m."

Juniper Research believed that "although Japan is initially offering a free service on its ISDB-T ‘One Seg’ network, it will start charging for the service in 2008." The firm also forecasted that while South Korea has had a head start in broadcast Mobile TV with its DMB efforts, Japan and the US will overtake it in terms of the number of subscribers, purely based on the larger mobile subscriber base. Of the overall broadcast Mobile TV subscriber market Japan, US and South Korea will make up 39%, with the other major markets being Germany, Italy, UK, India and China, making up 36% by 2011."

Aditya Kaul at Juniper Research said, “2006 has been an interesting year for Mobile TV with a large number of announcements concerning broadcast Mobile TV trials and rollouts, many of them timed with the World Cup in mind. The key highlights have been an increased uptake in streamed Mobile TV services and surprising results from broadcast Mobile TV trials, showing a dramatic increase in the average time spent by the consumer on watching Mobile TV”

Aditya added, “Broadcast Mobile TV is definitely a step in the right direction but its success will depend on many factors such as the type of content, content rights, security, spectrum availability, business models, regulation and quality of indoor coverage."