Friday, July 07, 2006

JupiterResearch: Will Microsoft face the Music?

Michael Gartenberg posts his thoughts about the rumored Microsoft (MSFT) portable mmedia device at the Jupiter Analyst Weblogs. He writes:

This is a very different product launch than Xbox was. For one, Xbox didn't alienate and partners. It's clear to me that IF Microsoft were to go down this direction and alienate partners that they've worked years to establish relationships with, it's because they're worried about something. And make no mistake, this will not be an easy battle. iPod is more than a consumer electronics device, it's become a cultural icon backed up by a lifestyle marketing campaign, things that Microsoft has no history of success in creating.
Gartenberg concludes:
It's also interesting since it seems at odds with other efforts at the company that have spent time with device vendors (like iRiver and the Clix) helping to get them to improve their devices and launching new platform initiatives like PMC v2. Some of the choices are also questionable, if the reports can be believed, like adding WiFi into the device. This will be an interesting story to watch. Also of note, it's been some time since Apple (AAPL) updated the iPod line, I suspect they're not sleeping in Cupertino waiting for the Microsoft stuff to hit.