Thursday, July 27, 2006

Handsets on Parade

Unstrung writes about recent new products in the handset market. "The top two cellphone vendors -- Nokia (NOK) and Motorola (MOT) -- have introduced new models, and High Tech Computer Corp. (HTC) is planning to start selling smartphones under its own name in Europe."

The article looks at the many new handsets recently announced and "analysts reckon that Moto's moves should bolster its cellphone sales as RAZR sales gradually level off. Motorola has been seeing strong sales from its skinny RAZR for several quarters now."

According to Jack Gold at J.Gold Associates, "Nokia has a couple of N-series "multimedia" phones in its new summer lineup. The N73 and N93 are more entertainment-focused devices." Gold said, "The type N series seems more oriented towards the entertainment end of things. While there probably are some enterprise users who may adopt such devices, I think most will move towards the E series devices, which have more features geared towards business users."

Gold pointed out that "the E61 phones are only shipping in Europe so far, not the U.S. The company is expecting to have more E-series phones on the market by the third quarter of this year."