Thursday, July 27, 2006

Strategy Analytics: Global Wireless Home Device Sales To Reach 314 Million Units By 2010

Strategy Analytics predicts that "the increasing use of broadband wireless home networks will lead to the adoption of a multitude of new wireless home devices over the next 5 years." the firm forecasts that "consumers worldwide will buy nearly 950 million wireless home devices, such as games consoles, wireless MP3 players and connected TVs, over the next five years."

Peter King at Strategy Analytics said, "Leading edge broadband users are keen to make the most of their service by connecting multiple devices to their home network. Wireless is used on the PC first, but we fully expect many other digital devices to follow the same path to wireless connectivity."

David Mercer at Strategy Analytics added, "Strategy Analytics' vision of the digital home is one where a variety of digital devices use wireless home networking technologies to seamlessly interact with each other and with the available broadband and digital services. The arrival of the first wave of wireless home devices is a signal that this vision is on the way to becoming realized."