Thursday, July 27, 2006

JupiterResearch: Orange, Not Now

Seems like a number of analysts have been using their blogs to complain about poor customer service lately. Ian Fogg at JupiterResearch writes about his recent experience with Orange. He writes that "Orange simply don't understand mobile; their mobile data services are not reliable enough."

Fogg outlines his recent problem with Orange and their customer services and concludes with:

I don't like to write about one-off anecdotal stories on my blog. So, let me add this isn't an isolated incident. I regularly find it impossible to access the Internet from my mobile, mysteriously. I have stopped using Orange's email server to send email messages as I have found it can take over a day for emails to *leave* the Orange network. I have others stories about Orange's poor mobile data services but it would be a case of diminishing returns if I wrote them all up.