Thursday, June 15, 2006

Juniper Research: Handset Theft Amongst Adolescents Reaches New Heights Affecting 70 per cent of Young Consumers

According to Juniper Research, "the prevalence of mobile phone theft and other forms of mobile phone crime has become a widespread problem with 70 per cent of young consumers surveyed associated in some way with a victim of mobile theft."

Juniper Research surveyed young mobile consumers aged 5 to 20 years, while enlisting a contrast of opinion from parents and teachers, about "purchasing and spending patterns, security issues, and time spent on and relative importance of mobile phones in today’s youth culture."

The firm found that "theft appears intrinsically wound within young mobile consumer culture with 70 per cent of those aged 5 to 20 years having an experience in some way with mobile theft. Figures supported by over one half of all responding parents, and 83 per cent of teachers who expressed their respective experience of mobile theft through their children and students."

Nick Parkins at Juniper Research said, "Despite being one step removed from the ‘front line’ as far as mobile theft is concerned, and the inconsistent filtering of information from adolescents to parents in lifestyle matters, including personal security, the incidence remains markedly high."

The survey also noted that 27 per cent of 5 to 20 year olds were "victims of mobile mugging, or associated with someone who has. A further 22 per cent registered having been, or associated with, a victim of bullying via mobile phone."