Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Frost & Sullivan: Mobile Office and Mobile CRM/SFA Offer Key Opportunities to Enterprise Software Vendors

Courtesy of Tekrati Research News, Frost & Sullivan find that "mobile office and mobile CRM/SFA applications -- the most popular and fastest growing mobile applications -- are now a competitive requirement in most organizations."

The firm estimated that "the North American enterprise mobile market earned revenues of $642.2 million," and predicted "this will reach $7.4 billion in 2012." Frost & Sullivan said "there are 55 million mobile workers in North America, which translates into approximately 45 percent of the total workforce."

Samir Sakpal at Frost & Sullivan said, "An out-of-office mobile enterprise solution is pivotal in today’s competitive business environment due to the large on-field/traveling workforce. Mobile enterprise technologies, coupled with robust applications, can help ensure that organizations are able to maximize customer satisfaction at a reduced total cost, thus generating positive revenue and profitability figures."

The firm stated that "the mobile office and mobile customer relationship management (CRM)/sales force automation (SFA) applications, in particular, are proving to be highly popular in the mobile enterprises markets." However it did warn of "security concerns surrounding the implementation of mobile enterprise solutions and their integration with existing user authentication systems."

In addition to security concerns, "ease of implementation, cost, and scalability while delivering applications over the chosen business model, are key criteria in selecting a mobile enterprise solution."

Sakpal added, "In the long term, flexible application platforms, superior customer service, and customized, coherent pricing plans are likely to emerge as key product differentiators."