Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Mobile Analyst Watch Hit: Blog-Based Analysts Shake Up IT Research

Hard to believe but this blog was mentioned in a recent article in InformationWeek about how a new breed of blog-based IT analysts are shaking up IT Research by "sharing insights over the Internet, leaving traditional research firms trying to catch up using the same methods."

Strangely, Mobile Analyst Watch was included in the list of some those blogs shaking things up. It's very flattering and nice publicity, but I don't think of this blog as providing analysis on the mobile scene other than my occasional snarky personal observations. I view the blog as providing a resource for tracking the real analysts covering the space.

I'm not sure how the journalist found out about Mobile Analyst Watch, but I'm guessing it was via ex-Gartner analyst Vinnie Mirchandani, whose Deal Architect blog on global trends in technology enabled business innovation and efficiency is really turning the traditional definition of an analyst on its head. If it was you Vinnie, then thanks for the props...