Friday, April 07, 2006

Yahoo and RIM extend alliance

ZDNet UK reports that "BlackBerry users will soon be able to access Yahoo's Web email and IM services through their device." Research in Motion is extending its alliance with Yahoo in hopes of moving the BlackBerry into the mass-market.

According to the article, the Yahoo Go service will be integrated into RIM’s BlackBerry phones. "Users will be able to click on a single icon to access a range of Yahoo services, including mail, search and Instant messaging applications."

Chris Lewis at Ovum said, "The challenge for BlackBerry is to expand its appeal and the solution that they’ve offered to the executive market to date has done well, but they do need to get a lot more services onto the device. The whole development of more applications on more mobile devices is where the end-user wants to see things go. What we’re seeing now is the expansion of more mobility applications to the mass market".

The service will initially be available "to T-Mobile customers in the US, but will be rolling out across 160 carriers worldwide within the coming weeks."