Thursday, April 06, 2006

Samsung Unveils Thinnest Mobile Phone

ABC News picks up an Associated Press wire story that reports Samsung unveiled t509, the "thinnest mobile phone in the U.S. market." The handset, "which hits the market in May, is a candy-bar shaped phone that is thinner than a deck of cards at 9.8 mm thick and is a tad skinnier than [Motorola's] Slvr, which measures 11.5 mm."
According to the article, the "t509 is equipped with a camera, Bluetooth wireless support and the ability to instant message and play MP3 ring tones."

Kenneth Hyers at ABI Research said, "Many of the mobile handset manufacturers are reacting to Motorola's design. It's certainly a sleek little device and I think it's going to find a good niche in the U.S. market."

Gartner Group analyst Hugues de la Vergne added, "Motorola's success in the category has caused a flurry of new products in this area. Ultra-thin devices are going to be a tremendous trend in 2006."

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