Thursday, April 06, 2006

Cingular eyes new ways to put video on cellphones reports that Cingular "is looking at new ways for its customers to get video to their cellphones aside from the subscription based streaming video service it already offers."

According to the article, Cingular"already charges about $20 a month to wirelessly stream news and entertainment video clips to its customers cellphones." Cingular is considering "to offer live wireless television services though partnerships with broadcasters" or "allow customers to transfer video files from their computer to their phone, bypassing the wireless network." While the secomnd option doesn't generate revenue it will free up network bandwidth.

Ovum analyst Roger Entner thought "it made more sense for Cingular to stick to making money from consumer impulse buys through wireless downloads." He said, "Options are always good but ... then you're like a video iPod. Why do you have a mobile phone?" Entner believed "customers may prefer a dedicated video player for such uses."