Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Will Symbian Give Way to Windows, Linux?

TechNewsWorld picks up the recent report from TDG Research that predicts Windows & Linux will displace Symbian as the dominant advanced Mobile OS. Commenting on the report, JupiterResearch analyst Michael Gartenberg said, "It's hard to say 'displace.' It's more like we are going to see Windows increasingly co-exist with Symbian, and there is going to be some Linux in there as well. That doesn't mean we are talking about the end of Symbian, going forward."

Gartenberg predicted, "In the short term, you are just not going to see a dominant player akin to what we saw with Windows on the desktop. It's going to be a number of strong players that are going to appeal to different segments of the marketplace."

In terms of Linux pentration in the mobile market, Gartenberg added, "While Linux is going to play a certain role here, for the most part you simply have to do an awful lot of work on top of that Linux platform in order to make it viable. A lot of vendors are just not going to go through that trouble. They are going to go with Symbian or Microsoft or PalmSource."