Thursday, February 23, 2006

Dean Bubley: VCC - the best contender for dual-mode FMC standard?

Dean Bubley writes at the Disruptive Wireless blog "about VCC - Voice Call Continuity, the emerging standard for SIP-based call handoff from WLAN (or other IP networks) to circuit-switched cellular." He states it's still in early stages , but "getting an awful lot of mindshare from vendors and operators. It basically seems to be a way of tying together the various semi-proprietary SIP approaches from BridgePort, OutSmart, Convergin, Stoke, NewStep, Azaire and the myriad other specialist firms offering convergence gateways/servers/switches."

Bubley wonders "whether VCC is only applicable to dual-mode solutions running in a full operator IMS context - in other words, is it also applicable to non-IMS SIP service providers / users such as Vonage, MSN, Yahoo or enterprise IP-PBX platforms."

He opines that "whichever way, it looks like it'll either just be very important... or completely essential."