Friday, January 06, 2006

JupiterResearch: Netgear/Skype Wi-Fi Phone

Julie Ask at JupiterResearch posts about a new Wi-Fi handset from Netgear and Skype. Ask says:

My experience with CE devices with Wi-Fi has been so-so to date. Finding an "open" network has become increasingly difficult even in San Francisco. Also, even free Wi-Fi is a challenge if registration is required on a homepage/splash page as these devices lack the QWERTY keyboard and Internet browsers required for set-up.
Ask then chronicles some of the Wi-Fi issues she had on a recent trip. She concludes:
Given that Netgear/Skype are fully aware of these common issues, I'm sure they've designed solutions. The evolution of Wi-Fi in CE devices is exciting, and I look forward to seeing what they will bring to market.
Wi-Fi in mobile devices is pretty cool if the usage model is right. It makes sense for portable gaming devices, such as the Sony PSP and Nintendo DS. However, I'm not sure how functional a WI-Fi only handset is beyond the home or enterprise wireless network. Personally, I want high-speed mobile data access and Wi-Fi in my next handset in order to cover all the bases...