Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Thumb-typists on edge

A couple of more articles on the RIM and NTP saga and how BlackBerry users are dealing with the possibility that their service might be shut off in the U.S. Over at the San Jose Mercury News, Gartner analyst Todd Kort said, "There are companies I talk with that are absolutely livid." Kort believed RIM would settle with NTP, but until then the artilce looks at some of its competitors and what they are doing to gain from RIM's pain.

Computerworld writes about the planning efforts of enterprises in case Blackberry service goes dark. Gartner analyst Ken Dulaney said, "in the end, I think that many companies are just going to wait it out because there are so many uncertainties no matter which path you follow."wjsthdal

A lot of companies have RIM to thank for all this stress. Instead of being productive driving their business forward, they are spinning cycles in case they have to act. Even if RIM comes out of this unscathed, do you really think their customers will blindly trust their business with them? Methinks a lot of companies will look at what other options are available to them...