Monday, January 30, 2006

On the mobile broadband wagon

HeraldNet writes about the growing use of broadbandlike 3G wireless networks in the U.S. As data speeds increase, so do the number of services the network operators try to sell their customers.

Independent telecommunications industry analyst Jeff Kagan said, "Wireless phones are becoming the third screen. You've got the television, the computer and now the cell phone. In a few years, everybody's going to be doing it."

Lewis Ward at IDC believed new "multimedia services will create decent profits for the wireless carriers if they do it right." He said, "If you can find these kind of lifestyle things that resonate with people and provide good service, I think people will be interested."

Regarding the current pricing of services, Kagan said, "Right now, the pricing of a lot of these things are not at bargain levels." He expected that to change "as more people use their phones to download, rock out and watch TV instead of just talking."