Sunday, January 29, 2006

Dean Bubley: Make money out of your friends' incessant chatter.... or spammers... 3 WePay

Following JupiterResearch analyst Thomas Husson's post on 3 UK's WePay plan, Dean Bubley chimes in with his thoughts at Disruptive Wireless. Bubley loves "the possibilities of 3 UK's new WePay tariff." As a fan of the "only the facts" quick phone calls, he jokes:

I do have quite a lot of friends who would rather have their entire conversation on the phone, rather than talking in a civilised fashion an hour later, over a pint. Maybe knowing they were effectively buying me a drink before we got to the bar would make them change their behaviour....
He also thinks it might be great idea for dealing with SMS spam by having a separate mobile number when filling out forms that might"generate marketing guff." Bubley concludes with:
Actually, this is the first manifestation of something I've wanted and expected for ages - making the "marketing industry" pay for the privilege of marketing at me. Want to send me a piece of junk mail? You pay. Want my personal details in your database? You pay. Want to phone up and try and sell me stuff? You pay. Maybe if you've got a product & you're not wasting my time, I'll give you a refund against my future purchase. You're on commission selling me stuff? Share it.
Now only if I could get paid for all the stupid questions I get then life would be perfect...