Monday, December 12, 2005

Telephia: Mobile Data Services Adoption and Spending in the U.K. Increases with 3G

Telephia has issued a new report that finds in the U.K. "3G users were much more active than non-3G users, especially for new and advanced mobile activities developed to function well on the 3G platform, such as video clip downloads and streaming TV."

According to the report, "Fifty-six percent of 3G users browsed the Internet as compared to 39 percent for non-3G users. 3G users were at least three times more likely to download video clips, use video messaging, and download full music tracks via their mobile devices. 3G consumers were also much more active in usage for both downloading games and online game playing. Moreover, 3G users were 10 times more likely to stream TV content on their wireless device than non-3G users."

Kanishka Agarwal at Telephia said, "The improved capabilities of 3G networks and devices combined with the availability of more compelling multimedia content are clearly accelerating user adoption. We have entered an exciting phase of rapid evolution in the mobile market. To profit from this new demand, carriers and content owners will need to analyze early consumer behavior and attitudes carefully so that they can continue to build consumer trial and repeat usage."

Telephia 3G vs. Non-3G Usage (U.K.)

Activity 3G Users Non-3G Users
Internet Browsing 56% 39%
Video Clip Downloads 35% 11%
Video Messaging 34% 11%
Video Calling 35% -NA-
Game Downloads 34% 21%
Full Track Music Downloads 32% 11%
Streaming TV 10% 1%
Online Game Playing 8% 5%
Source: Telephia U.K. 3G Report, Q3 2005
The report also showed that 3G subscribers spent more at an "average of GBP 43 ($76) per month on voice and data services. This is GBP 14 or $25 more than non-3G subscribers who spend an average of GBP 29 ($51) a month. Furthermore, 3G users who are active on their operator's portal spend GBP 2 ($4) more per month on data services than 3G users who conduct all of their data activity on off-portal sites."

Agarwal added "Clearly usage on 3G shows higher revenue potential overall. The variety and quality of content and ease of navigation on portal sites will play a key role in gaining traction and increasing the prospect for maximizing profits."