Monday, December 12, 2005

Jupiter: Best Cellphone of 2005

Michael Gartenberg writes about his selection for the best cellphone of 2005 at the Jupiter Analyst Weblogs. In a repeat of 2004, Gartenberg goes with the Black RAZR over the iMate SP5m (HTC Tornado), which isn't available from U.S. carriers. Here's why he went with the RAZR:

Once again, with supermodel looks, this time dressed in black and ready for a night on the town, the RAZR is back and ready for more action. There's simply no other phone that's captured the mainstream consumer like the RAZR. Even though it no longer carries the cachet of high price tag (you can find it as low as $39 at retail for the holidays and free at Amazon). It still does just what most folks need a phone to do, and that's be a good phone first and foremost. The iMate, follows on the heels of last years runner up, the SMT-5600. This unit carries that tradition in good stead and adds in EDGE support for faster data, dedicated media buttons, that put devices like the ROKR (which is the same size) to shame, built in WiFi for connectivity and jumps up to a QVGA display. All while keeping phone functions first and data second. If you're looking for a candy bar phone, with all the features of the Smartphone platform, this is the device for you. It just isn't much to look at.
On that point, Gartenberg asks whether anyone can "make a really good smartphone that's also a joy to look at?" The jury is still out until 2006 at least.

Regarding the runner-up iMate SP5M, Cingular is now offering their own version of the handset with a Quasimodo-like hump uptop, branded the Cingular 2125. Since I'm a Cingular customer, I'd normally upgrade to this phone in a heartbeat, except for the fact that the powers that be decided to disable the Wi-fi connectivity. Why?

Cingular has offered a Pocket PC phone in the past with Wi-Fi so I'm wondering if this is a change in direction. Not a good move in my opinion since Verizon and Sprint already offer smartphones with Wi-Fi and EV-DO connectivity, providing better high-speed options than Cingular's EDGE network...