Friday, December 09, 2005

Telephia: JAMDAT Continues to Be the Top Mobile Game Publisher

Telephia "reports that JAMDAT led all mobile game publishers for both revenue share and share of downloads during Q3 2005" with "nearly 31 percent revenue share for mobile game purchases and claimed a 27 percent share of all mobile game downloads."

Kanishka Agarwal at Telephia said, "The merger between JAMDAT and EA Mobile positions both companies solidly in the growing mobile games market. JAMDAT has shown their strength consistently in offering some of the most popular mobile game titles, translating into a 3-to-1 advantage in revenue share among leading competitors. EA's strength lies in a portfolio of very creative and successful online titles primed for success in the mobile marketplace."

According to Telephia, "nearly five percent of the entire mobile game population purchased a game via their wireless device during Q3 2005."

Top Mobile Game Publishers by Revenue Share (U.S.)

Publisher Share of Revenue (%) Share of Downloads (%)
------------------------ -------------------- ------------------------
1. JAMDAT 30.6% 27.0%
2. Namco 9.2% 6.3%
3. Mforma 5.9% 4.2%
4. Gameloft 5.7% 3.6%
5. Glu Mobile 5.2% 6.3%
6. I-Play 3.8% 2.7%
7. Sony Pictures Mobile 3.3% 2.7%
8. Mobliss 2.8% 2.7%
9. EA Mobile 2.5% 1.4%
10. THQ Wireless 2.3% 1.8%
------------------------ -------------------- ------------------------
Source: Telephia Mobile Game Report, Q3 2005
Note: Cingular data includes former AT&T subs only