Wednesday, December 14, 2005

See a movie on a phone? Sprint says we’re ready

The Kansas City Star offers up another article on Sprint's new movie download service. Linda Barrabee at Yankee Group said,“Sprint, Verizon Wireless and Cingular are all dabbling in this video and TV space."

Barrabee added, “I don’t think there is that expectation that people are going to watch a full-length movie on a screen as small as what you get on a cell phone." She thought a bit of video might work. "It is fun to get a snippet on your phone when you have some down time,” Barrabee said.

According to Yankee, "roughly half a million U.S. consumers use their cell phones to watch video." She added Sprint is testing the market for new services and said, "It is a small market for them right now, but are they betting on this in the future? Absolutely. They want this to become more mainstream.”

You have to give credit to Sprint for testing the waters for new mobile services, such as over the air music downloads and full-length movies. They just seem to be misguided on what the market will bear. I mean they got the pricing right for their EVDO data network at $15 a month for all you can eat access so what's up with the $2.49 for a song or $7.99 a month to watch movies I wouldn't even consider on my satellite TV service. It just doesn't make much sense. If you make it convenient, compelling, and most of all cheap then the consumers will follow. I guess they didn't get that memo....