Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Strategy Analytics: Walkman Phone Beats ROKR

Strategy Analytics has issued a a new cellular music device report, which concludes that "the Sony Ericsson W800i `Walkman' phone is the highest rated cellular music device in the USA, ahead of the Motorola E1 'ROKR' and Samsung A970," based on hands-on consumer testing by the Strategy Analytics Advanced Wireless User Panel.

According to the report, the "Sony Ericsson W800i `Walkman' device achieved `Best in Class' status based upon superior style appeal and an above average rating for music feature quality. The Motorola E1 'ROKR ' achieved the highest rating for usability, but failed to impress in terms of style and feature quality. At 144 grams, the panel considered the Samsung A970 too large for primary feature phone positioning."

Chris Ambrosio at Strategy Analytics said, "Current iTunes users in particular indicated strong usability preference for the ROKR, indicating that the iTunes interface is generating loyalty/preference dynamics similar to branded Operating Systems."

Kevin Nolan at Strategy Analytics added, "The ROKR was rated lower than the Samsung and Sony Ericsson devices for Music Quality, however, a notable underperformance for Motorola given the branded and highly optimized iPod interface designed for music delivery."