Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Jupiter: 02 launches i-mode in UK

Julian Smith posts at the Jupiter Analyst Weblogs about the marketing launch of O2's new i-mode mobile Internet service in the UK. Smith is excited about the launch from an analyst perspective but states:

Putting myself in the shoes of Joe Public however, leaving my knowledge of the mobile industry to one side, I think I might be a little confused about this latest development!! Just as I was starting to get my head around the plethora of handsets, tariffs, operators and industry buzz words out there (like 3G, WAP, GPRS, Tri-band etc.) I am now asked to understand, and become enthusiastic about, yet another new development. As an O2 customer myself - who until recently was happy accessing the 02 Active service - why do I have to yet again reconsider my mobile options? What does i-mode give me that 02 Active doesnot? Why do I now have to go through the whole rigmarole of changing my handset again to get this service? Do I now need a 3G phone? How will I get charged for using this service? What is a kilobyte of information anyway?
Smith advises that it will be critical for 02 to be able to address "these types of questions in their marketing communications if they wish to see quick uptake of the service. They will also need to ensure that the young lads flogging phones down the highstreet can also clearly communicate the benefits of i-mode to the public - now there's a challenge!!"