Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Nokia Makes Enterprise Play with 9300i Smartphone

NewsFactor Network writes that Nokia is updating its brick-sized smartphone, the 9300i, with Wi-Fi connectivity to make it more attractive for enterprise users.

Yankee Group analyst John Jackson said Wi-fi is "a technology that will become standard in enterprise-class products, because it lets I.T. managers and business users take advantage of the massive installed base of Wi-Fi in corporate settings."

IDC's Dave Linsalata agreed and pointed out that "wireless LANs are considerably more efficient than carriers' wireless data systems in transferring large files, such as PowerPoint presentations."

According to Yankee Group, smartphone sales are predicted "to hit 52 million units this year, doubling the 25 million shipped in 2004," and "will rise to 85 million in 2006."