Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Music Players and Game Consoles Are Topping Lists

The New York Times reports a major shift is taking place in the holiday shopping scene as mobile devices make up the top spots in the top 10 list of desired gifts according to retailers and analysts. Topping the lists are the Apple iPod and digital cameras.

Also going strong is the Sony PSP. Michael Pachter at Wedbush Morgan Securities predicted Sony will sell "one million units sold during the holidays." Ted Schadler at Forrester Research added,
"The PSP is very hot. The form factor is right; you can use it to browse the Web and play movies, and it fits in the hand."

Other than the iPod, another hot area will be digitial cameras with growth coming from "both from first-time digital camera owners, as well as customers upgrading to new cameras with greater resolution and more features." Schadler predicts "15 million households to buy digital cameras this year as prices fall."

Hard to believe the holidays are right around the corner. I haven't even started shopping or thinking about it for that matter, but I'm sure some mobile devices will make the list...