Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Jupiter: French regulatory issues?

Thomas Husson posts his thoughts on the potential regulatory issues for mobile TV in France at the Jupiter Analyst Weblogs. As he notes, it "is not yet clear whether the new TV on mobile market will be regulated by France’s media watchdog, the CSA, or by the ARCEP (ex ART) telecoms regulator."

Husson points out "the reality is that boundaries are being blurred and that it is extremely difficult for national public bodies to adapt quickly to such a changing environment with new technologies being introduced. All the more as the European commission is playing an increasing role in each national regulatory framework."

He also mentions that "the "conseil de la concurrence" will decide tomorrow and announce on Thursday its decision on a possible collusion between French mobile operators (accused of having agreed on a sort of cartel a few years ago). From industry sources, the fine could amount up to hundreds of millions euros. This does not include a sort of class action (does not really exist in the French law)that could be conducted by individuals..."