Friday, November 11, 2005

Jupiter: Sprint Music Store - Who is the market for this?

It's been a while since Michael Gartenberg has posted something mobile related at the Jupiter Analyst Weblogs, but he's back in fine form after reading a New York Times review of Sprint's recently launched full music download store. After listing out a bunch of the negatives, Gartenberg states:

Makes you wonder whether these folks have been living totally isolated from the rest of the world over the last few years or if they just think consumers are so desperate to purchase music on the fly and only want to carry to one device with limited functions.
He then concludes with:
The real fun will come with the spin when this flops. I wouldn't try to draw any conclusions from this one about consumers, cell phones and music other than the fact that consumers aren't stupid.
Ouch! I would really hate to be in the shoes of Sprint's PR and AR folks right now. Whether they are actually dumb enough to believe customers will pay two fitty for full track downloads or are just trying to keep a straight face when toeing the corporate line, it is not an enviable position. And I can't imagine their jobs will get any easier, when as Gartenberg mentions, they have to spin the flop...