Tuesday, November 29, 2005

How Nintendo Took a Bite out of Sony

Business 2.0 writes about the mobile gaming battle brewing between the Sony PSP and the Nintendo DS. The article aptly notes that "fancy hardware doesn’t sell game machines; it takes great games to sell fancy hardware."

While the PSP has garnered most of the mindshare due to its sleek design, slick marketing and multi-purpose potential, sales of the DS has been gaining momentum. Richard Doherty at Envisioneering said, "There seems to be an uptick in sales."

What's driving DS sales is compelling content that takes "full advantage of the DS’s sophisticated hardware capabilities to showcase what the machine can do." Case in point is the best-selling, innovative game, Nintendogs.

Envisioneering analyst Doherty added, “The DS has a very radical design. It’s taken developers a little while to take advantage of that.”

Let's hope someone does the same with the PSP because right now the content is far from compelling....