Saturday, October 29, 2005

Weekly Roundup

A roundup of mobile analysts in the news for the week ending October 29:

  • John Jackson at Yankee Group via Mac News about convergence and obsolescence
  • Roger Entner at Ovum via E-Commerce News on the high return rate of the Rokr phone
  • John Delaney at Ovum via about Cingular pushing Oz e-mail to users
  • Forrester Research analyst Ellen Daley via InformationWeek on making business communications easier
  • Tim Bajarin at Technology Pundits on which company should CE vendors fear most? Microsoft or Apple?
  • Joe McGarvey at Current Analysis via Communications Technology on SBC and Cingular's IMS Moves
  • Ken Dulaney at Gartner via E-Commerce News about the Supreme Court denial of RIM's stay request
  • Michael King at Gartner via the San Diego Union-Tribune on Digital Orchid
  • John Jackson at Yankee Group via Technology News on handheld device shipments down for seventh straight quarter