Monday, November 14, 2005

A Breakthrough Few Months for Portable TV

The Washington Post writes about the recent industry news that have helped shake up the nascent market for mobile TV, especially Apple's selling of over 1 million videos for $1,99 each in less than three weeks.

Rob Enderle said, "That's a significant amount of money. I honestly believe that's going to change a lot of minds in terms of providing programming for this medium."

According to Phil Taylor at Strategy Analytics, "Sprint has been the most aggressive in providing programming, working with MobiTV to make a variety of news, sports and comedy programming available on their phones." He said, "I don't think usage of the mobile phone TVs will come anywhere close to the home television as a principal viewing device," he said. "But the evidence suggests that it's a handy way of spending time when you're waiting two minutes for a bus or for a friend at the bar."