Thursday, October 27, 2005

Orange Targets Businesses with New Windows Devices

InfoWorld Nederland writes that Orange SA is adding two new Windows Mobile 5.0 products to its line of devices geared toward business users. Orange will offer the SPV C600 (HTC Tornado) smart phone and the SPV M3000 PDA (HTC Wizard) on Orange's EDGE networks. The SPV M3000 also includes Wi-Fi, a camera and a camcorder.

Although the two new devices do not take advantage of Orange's 3G network, it does allow the carrier to reach a broader audinece. Rachel Lashford at Canalys said, "EDGE tends to be deployed in areas where 3G is not deployed."

Noting the challenge businesses have supporting smart phone from an IT perspective, Lashford added, "It's something we've seen for a long time with handhelds and it's the same with smart phones. They're still predominantly bought by individuals."