Friday, October 28, 2005

Nintendo Puts Handwriting on DS Wall

Technology News writes that Nintendo will provide game developers the ability to employ handwriting recognition technology from Zi Corporation to create software for the DS handheld video game system.

JupiterResearch analyst Michael Gartenberg said, "The DS is very feature-rich, but it takes time for the software to match the hardware specifications. So the DS has WiFi and it has touch-screen and dual screens. The challenge is to come to market with technology in a way that's usable -- not just as another feature."

According to the article, Nintendo has hinted "about creating games that would allow users to play its titles on one screen while sending text messages on the other."

Gartenberg added, "The one thing Nintendo does know how to do is to make software that takes advantage of the hardware. The DS titles are somewhat unique in that they take advantage of secondary screen, the touch screen and the WiFi connection. It will be interesting to see what Nintendo might have planned for a device that integrates handwriting recognition."

Nintendo has demonstrated so far the ability to leverage the strengths and features of the DS. The jury is still out on the Sony PSP, which has great potential but lacks compelling content. Hopefully this will be rectified this holiday season. Interestingly enough, the homebrew community has done a good job of unleashing some of the PSP's potential, but Sony continues to squash this nascent movement....