Thursday, October 20, 2005

Jupiter: "Toll-free" Ringtones

Todd Chanko posts at the Jupiter Analyst Weblogs about Avanquest's Ringtone Studio, which allows "consumers to edit their ripped MP3s with a ProTools-like UI and migrate it to their phones via Bluetooth." Chanko notes that this has:

DRM and revenue implications for the music industry. With the notable exception of ringtone exclusives - such as Madonna's recent mobile foray - the digerati now can bypass (note: pun avoided here) both the music establishment and monolithic carriers. This blog is not an endorsement of either xingtone or Ringtone studio - I have not used either application and cannot vouch for the quality, ease, etc. – but it is meant to highlight yet another instance of technology providing the consumer more and more control over his/her media environment.
Maybe I'm just a geek with a smartphone, but I canalready edit MP3s into ringtones with my Nero software . It's a multi-step process so I assume software like Avanquest's simplifies things. In the end, will tools like this and newer handsets hasten the demise of the ringtone market?