Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Why iPhones Get Buzz and Windows Smartphones Don't

Michael Gartenberg blogs some more on music phones (see chart above on installed base) and why Apple is ahead of Microsoft at the Jupiter Analyst Weblogs. As Gartenberg remarked in an earlier post, there are already phones on the market capable of playing MP3s. He states:

Look at the upcoming iTunes phone announcement and the coverage it's getting. Contrast that to the fact that Microsoft has had phones on the market that could play mp3s, use subscription services like Napster, REAL and Yahoo, play videos and even stream live TV and music using ORB. They even had one on the market from no less than Motorola!
Gartenberg blames it on Microsoft complex set of messaging and functions, essentialy trying to be everything to everyone, while Apple focuses on the music. He warns:
There are too many parts of the eco system from hardware players to the device software and from the music stores and services and the carriers and no one leading the charge. Once again it looks like Apple will seize the high ground and leave Microsoft and her partners in reactive (as opposed to) proactive mode.