Monday, August 29, 2005

JAMDAT Expands Retail Space With Tetris

Seamus McAteer ruminates on the M:Metrics Blog about his network explorations after downloading Tetris Deluxe to his handset.

McAteer believes "major publishers such as JAMDAT are uniquely positioned to cross-sell gamers" and thinks "digital distribution and the ability to forge a closer, direct relationship with the gamer will mean that the rules of the wireless gaming market will be very different from those in the handheld console segment."

It might be harder for the smaller players in the market to achieve this since their main challenge is just getting recognized due to the major publishers owning the prime real estate on carrier portals. However with that said, the mobile gaming space is definitely shaping up to be an interesting new beast with cell phones on one side and Wi-Fi-enabled handhelds on the other...