Thursday, August 04, 2005

2005: Updated iPods Yes, Video iPod No

Larry Angell at iLounge reports that according to a research note by Piper Jaffray financial analyst Gene Munster, "a higher capacity iPod shuffle and color screen iPod mini are both likely to be introduced this year, though a video iPod isn’t expected before the end of 2005."

"Comments from iPod supplier PortalPlayer seem to indicate that there will be some form of new flash-based device in the market toward the end of the Sep-05 quarter. We believe this is likely a high capacity shuffle or another new flash-based iPod," said Munster. He also predicted a color version iPod. “In our view, a color screen iPod mini would be a home-run product for Apple in the upcoming holiday season.”

Munster put the kibosh on the possibility of a video iPod reaching a store near you by the holiday season. "Based on comments from the company regarding the portable media center market and the current lack of significant consumer interest for feature film downloading, we believe Apple will wait at least 12 months—until the market is ready for such a product."

As any gadget geek knows, ripping, transcoding and then transferring video to a mobile device is a royal pain, involving multiple processes and a lot of time. So unless it becomes an easier process (which I'm sure the studios will try to block), for the mobile video market to grow will depend on a download model that all parties can agree upon and consumers will support...