Friday, September 28, 2007

September 28, 2007 Roundup

Quote of the day goes to a Los Angeles Times article about Disney hanging up its MVNO mobile phone service due to price and handset competition from the major carriers. The article quotes Mark Donovan at M:Metrics and Charles S. Golvin at Forrester Research, but the winning QOD goes to JupiterResearch analyst Julie Ask who said, "The stuff they were offering for families was right on target for what people want."

Probably not the full quote, but you still have to shake your head and say "what?" If it was right on target and what parents wanted then Disney wouldn't be shutting it down. Not too hard to figure that one out. Then again what do I know. As a parent, I'm only the target audience....

Analysts in the news for September 28:

  • Julie Ask at JupiterResearch about Another Innovative MVNO Falls (Disney Mobile)
  • Dean Bubley at Disruptive Analysis about Enterprise FMC - 1 vs 2 numbers and SMS
  • Ross Rubin at NPD Group about Palm Centro haiku
  • Ross Rubin at NPD Group about iPhone introspection
  • Charter Equity Research analyst Ed Snyder and Cody Acree at Stifel Nicolaus & Co. via about Qualcomm nudges up 4th-quarter forecast
  • J.P. Morgan’s Christopher Danely via Barron’s Online Tech Trader Daily about Motorola Reportedly Ramping Up Chip Orders; Good News For RFMD, ONNN, NSM, BRCM
  • RBC Capital’s Mike Abramsky via Barron’s Online Tech Trader Daily about Palm: The Centro Rally Continues; Will It Win New Fans, Or Cannibalize Pricier Models?
  • John Jackson, at Yankee Group via Top Tech News about Apple Shuts Down Hacked iPhones

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