Tuesday, January 16, 2007

January 15 Roundup

Analysts in the news for January 15:

  • Bruce Gibson at Juniper Research about Mobile Gambling forecast to top $16 billion globally by 2011, despite bleak prospects for US market
  • Jane Zweig at The Shosteck Group, Miro Kazakoff at Compete and Maribel Lopez of Forrester via The Seattle Times about Handset sales going up, but not profit
  • Ovum analyst Roger Entner via USATODAY.com about Sprint (S), T-Mobile: Local carriers drag feet
  • Ovum analyst John Delaney via ZDNet UK about 3 ditches all roaming charges
  • Neil Strother at NPD Group, Kevin Burden at Telephia and M:Metrics analyst Jen Wu via the San Jose Mercury News about More movies, TV coming to mobile phones