Monday, January 08, 2007

January 8 Roundup

Analysts in the news for January 8:

  • Dean Bubley at Disruptive Analysis about BT Fusion consumer WiFi ... no new phones, but HotZones & distribution are in
  • Dean Bubley at Disruptive Analysis about Nokia, Skype, Internet tablets..... and Sprint?
  • Joseph Laszlo at JupiterResearch about MediaFlo A Go
  • John Mansell at JupiterResearch about Sprint Nextel Churn--My Story
  • Thomas Husson at JupiterResearch about My 2007 predictions
  • Bena Roberts at BKI Media about 4Info Mobile Search Engine Analysis
  • MGI Securities analyst Darren Robinson, Neil Strother at NPD Group and Genuity Capital Markets analyst Dvai Ghose via Canada about Rogers' New Wireless Subscriptions Top Estimates
  • Kevin Burden at Telephia via Unstrung about Telephia Reports on Music