Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Sony Goes WiFi With Mylo Device

TechNewsWorld writes that Sony (SNE) "is looking to take advantage of the popularity of instant messaging (IM) with its new handheld device unveiled this week. The Sony Mylo is capable of IM and Internet access through any available, open wireless network. Offering a 2.4-inch color LCD screen and pullout QWERTY keyboard, Mylo works with popular IM services, including Google (GOOG) Talk and Yahoo (YHOO) Messenger, and allows music, photo viewing, browsing and e-mail via 802.11, or WiFi Latest News about WiFi, networks."

According to the article, "the device, which will be available next month for around US$350, offers about seven hours of messaging and Web surfing time with its lithium-ion battery."

Gartner analyst Ken Dulaney said, "I think a WiFi-dependent device is going to have lots of problems. It's encumbered by the fact that while we have a standard technology, we don't have a standard network. It just delivers [the experience] with the wrong kind of connectivity. If this had cellular capability, then it would be interesting."

Ovum's Roger Entner thought that "while the number of WiFi hubs, or "hotspots," are increasing, users are still a long way from having complete WiFi coverage." He said, "[The Mylo] takes ubiquity of coverage for granted, which just doesn't exist in many places."

He thought "the device may have more appeal in an advanced wireless environment, such as a college or university." entner added, "I can see how it works for the college crowd."