Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Dean Bubley: Whatever happened to WiMAX for cellular backhaul?

Dean Bubley posts at the Disruptive Wireless blog about the possibility of using WiMAX technology "as a cheap & effective way of improving mobile backhaul." He states that "As far as I can see, the need for faster, cheaper, better (ideally non-line of sight) backhaul has grown tremendously. The demand certainly seems to be there." Bubley writes:

But speaking to one of the largest WiMAX equipment vendors last week, I got the distinct impression that this is one of the "use cases" that hasn't made it as far as the initial marketing pitch for the technology. I suspect this is partly down to the limitations of existing interfaces (and physical space) at cell sites. But it also seems to be a distinct aversion in many traditional mobile carriers to the idea of deploying another wireless network, especially just for "spot" solutions.