Friday, July 14, 2006

Good Wins on RIM Turf

Unstrung writes that Good Technology "has signed a reseller agreement with Bell Mobility Inc. , based in Canada, the home of BlackBerry provider Research In Motion Ltd. (RIMM). Good also said it has signed a similar deal with Australian mobile operator Telstra Corp."

The article states that "because Bell is a Canadian operator, however, the Good contract represents a milestone in the evolution of the mobile messaging market, beyond a BlackBerry-centric universe."

Ellen Daley at Forrester Research Inc said, "The carriers need to hedge their bets because there continues to be a diversity of devices that are RIM [-centered]. I suspect we’ll continue to see more of this type of solution."

The article pointed out that "RIM continues to make some 70 percent of its revenue, and an even higher fraction of its profits, on hardware." Daley commented that "It's the other devices (Nokia (NOK) E series, PALM Treo, Microsoft (MSFT)Windows Mobile devices without Exchange) that are competing head-to-head with RIM."