Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Nokia Rolls Out Five New Phones

NewsFactor Network writes that Nokia (NOK) introduced "a handful of devices were introduced today by the world's leading mobile-phone maker, including the Nokia 6151 camera phone, which is designed for use on third-generation WCDMA systems. It is being offered at a relatively low price (240 euros, or about $300) in contrast to other 3G phones." In addition, Nokia launched:

  • For U.S. customers and those in other areas outside Europe that primarily rely on CDMA rather than GSM, Nokia is offering the 6275, a midrange model with a built-in 2-megapixel camera, and the 2875 that is designed to catch the eye of those looking for an inexpensive camera phone.
  • a new low-end phone, the 1110i, that sells for 45 euros (about $56) and has features for making talk time easy to track
  • The midrange 6080, the last of the set introduced today, is designed to handle mobile multimedia messaging as well as e-mail and push-to-talk services.
Dava Linsalata at IDC, thought that "in introducing its most inexpensive 3G phone to date, Nokia is making the new high-speed networks more accessible and is banking on the fact that more consumers are now ready to upgrade to take advantage of the mobile content being created for these networks." He said, "Most people are happy with the content and services available on current 2.5G wireless , so it's important for manufacturers like Nokia to provide 3G devices people can afford and, at the same time, generate more interest among the content providers to roll out games, multimedia applications, and other things that make 3G more compelling."

Yankee Group analyst John Jackson noted that "Nokia is in a good position to reduce the costs to consumers of switching to 3G networks." He said, "The new phone, though, is priced so that it is higher than the GSM devices it is designed to replace,. At this point, most people are more interested in fashionable phones than 3G devices."